Below is a list of productions that our team has collectively or individually had the pleasure of participating on. Our involvement has been in some or (often) all of the following roles: Dialogue Recording / Editing, ADR, Audio Post Supervision, Sound Design and Editorial, Foley Recording, Production Sound Clean-up and Restoration, Music Editorial, Mixing (5.1 and Stereo). More detailed credits available upon request.


Wild Kratts Season

Rescue Heroes 

Girl Stuff Boys Stuff

Robo Roach


Time Blazers


Pound Puppies

Max And Ruby

Kung Fu Dino Posse

Toot And Puddle

Turbo Dogs

Erky Perky

Yin Yang Yo

Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks

Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs

Veggie Tales

MTV Movie Awards


Monster By Mistake

3-2-1 Penguins


George And Martha

Little Bear


It's A Big Big World


Design Wars

Breeder Of The Pack

The Chefs Domain

Treasure Trader

Redemption Inc

Opening Soon

Thrill Of A Lifetime

House Hunters

House Hunters International

Chefs vs City

Hammer Heads

Designed To Sell

My House Is Worth What?

National Open House

Myles Of Style

Design On A Dime

Rate My Space

Diet Tribe


Good Buy Bad Buy

Designing For The Sexes

HGTV Summer Showdown

Landscapers Challenge

Secrets That Sell

Color Correction

24 Hour Design




The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon

Sweet Prudence And The Erotic Adventure Of Bigfoot

Expecting Mercy

Love Dot Com

Crangleʼs Collision


McLuinʼs Wake

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie

Your Beautfil Cul De Sac Home

Documentary/ Docu-Drama


The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon

Finding The Fallen

Storm World

Wind Power

Poverty Chastity


Happy Birthday

Planet Storm

Flight Path

The Team
Shelter from the Storm

Creepy Canada

Final 24

Zero Hour III - Lima

Zero Hour III - Space Shuttle Columbia


McLuinʼs Wake

Vietnam: Ghosts Of War

Real Stories "True Grit"

Breeder Of The Pack


History's Courtroom

Time Blazers


Forbidden Science


Tati's Hotel

Zack Files

The Gavin Crawford Show

I Was A Sixth Grade Alien

Body Language

Radio Free Roscoe

Mercy Peak

Monster Warriors

Video Game Project List

Rock Band Network

They Bleed Pixels

Sharon, Lois & Bram

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime



Forbidden Science

Final 24

Conviction Kitchen - Season 1 & 2


Worldʼs Worst Mom

Salvage Hunter

Design Wars

Cash and Cari- Season 2 & 3



Female Eye Film Festival

Sweet Prudence & The Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot

Wind Power


The Tragically Hip  -Live in Bobcaygeon - 5.1 Mixer

Gowan-Dr Starlight And The Watchmaker-Producer/Engineer

Gowan--Great Dirty World 25th Aniversary Re-release-Producer/Engineer

Anjani Thomas- Engineer

Brown Brigade  Producer/Engineer- Aquarius Records

Kim Mitchell- Aint Life Amazing- Engineer

STYX- Regeneration Vol 1- engineer

STYX- Regeneration Vol 2- engineer

STYX- Double Live DVD-Pieces of Eight, Grand Illusion- engineer

Filthy Lying Bastrds- Producer Engineer Player

Nash The Slash- 5.1 Mix

S.F.H.- Engineer, Mix

Alanis Morrisette - Vancouver sessions - Engineer Mixes

St Joe’s Mission-Producer Engineer ,Mixer, Player

The Goodluck Assembly- Producer  Engineer Mixer

Iron Maiden -Live In Bangalor-  5.1 Mix  for the Film Global Metal

Mastodon -Live In Dubai-   Mix  for Global Metal soundtrack Desert Rock/ Universal

Paul Zubot  -  Produce -Engineer / Mix

River 7-Engineer

Blurred Vision- Engineer

Amanda Bentley - Producer ,engineer ,mix, Player

Beam- Engineer- Player

Memory Bank -Spare them the Weeds Album - Producer and Engineer

Memory Bank -Winter Kept Us Warm Album - Producer and Engineer

Famous For Adam- Adam Bomb -   Album- Producer/Engineer

Hypnotic Bidets - Porcelain Antichrist-Album- Producer/Engineer

Hypnotic Bidets - Hypnotic Bidets-Album- Producer/Engineer


Dialogue Recording/ Editing


Audio Post Supervision

Sound Design and Editorial

Production Sound Clean-up and Restoration

Music Editiorial, Mixing (5.1 and Stereo).

More detailed credits available upon request.